• origineVintage Origin

    Made from vintage head (first 400 liters of wine) 70% Pinot Black and 30% Pinot Meunier, the vintage Origin has a complex aromatic palate thanks to its aging in oak barrels of Verzy forest.

  • blancdeblancs

    Vintage Blanc de Blancs

    This Champagne is made from Chardonnay grapes, which by its excellent exposure (south) offers our grapes exceptional aromas. The freshness and vivacity of this Champagne will remind snowy winter morning in which to stay home by the fire.

  • cuveeroseVintage Rosé

    Forging the fruity 50% Pinot Black, with 15% Meunier and 15% Chardonnay, this wine is a blended rosé. Y are invited and 22% red wine of the house, giving it her dress so beautifully colored and delicate flavors of red fruit (strawberry, currant, raspberry).

  • millesimeVintage 2004

    Memory of year when nature has rewarded us with a unique expression of the vineyard, the vintage has a blend of finesse of Chardonnay (60%) with the roundness of Pinot Black (40%).

  • Vintage Origin
  • Vintage Blanc de Blancs
  • Vintage Rosé
  • Vintage 2004